Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thurs Jan 28/01/2010

Wed Jan 27/01/2010

This huge spider was in one of the bedrooms

Australia day 2010

Mon Jan 25/01/2010

Sun Jan 24/01/2010

A little boring back home in the garden

Jan 23/01/2010

We called in to this National park on the way back from the coast it was a very beautiful spot.

Jan 22/01/2010

Boxing Kangaroos

Our friends we holiday with at Lake Conjola

Jan 21/01/2010

This little fellow was on the track on the way to the beach.

Wed Jan 20/01/2010

Tues 19/01/2010

This little Lizard was about 5cm long. He was very cute

Mon Jan 18/01/2010

Look how clear the water is
We caught 5 fish we released them all.

Sun Jan 17/01/2010

This is the fifth year we have been to lake Conjola

Sat 16th Jan on our way to Lake Conjola

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday Jan 15th

See what this photo a day challenge has done.

David and I went out and purchased a new Nikon camera.

Thurs Jan 14th

Shandy and Maddie cooling off in the pool, they love jumping in.

Wed Jan 13/01/2010

Our 3 month old Fujitsu air conditioner is broken and it is very hot today. Thank goodness we have a pool.

Jan Tues 12/01/1010

I bought myself a new Pandora bead today

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mon Jan 11/01/2010

This is the female wren
There are lots of Blue Wrens around the house at the farm

Sun Jan 10/01/2010

This turtle was on the road near the gate to the "Poplars".

Jan Sat 9/01/2010

One of the farm dogs cooling off in the dam

Jan 8/01/2010

This was taken at sunset in one of our paddocks.
This photo is taken at
"The Poplars" in the garden

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thurs Jan 7/01/2010

I got some mulch for the garden today

Wed Jan 6/01/2010

This is not a great photo the birds are very nervous and it was difficult to get a picture at all. They are baby Blue Love Birds. Picked them up last night

Monday, January 11, 2010

January 5/01/2010

The flowers on this cactus only last about 2 days.

January 4/01/2010

January 3/01/2010

Called in to Marulan to take photo of my old Primary school, school yard was all locked up so could not get the best picture.

Coming home from Shellhaven heads - raining

Jan 2/01/2010